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Dress Code

DAEP Uniform Policy


  1. Black Polo Shirt (Short or Long Sleeve) 
    1. Plain; No designs anywhere on shirt
    2. No turning shirt inside out 
    3. Polo’s will be tucked in at all times, even if worn under a black sweatshirt.
  2. Khaki Pants/Slacks 
    1. Plain.  No cargo pants (no more than 4 pockets). No shorts, skirts, capris
    2. No designs anywhere on pants
    3. No rips or holes.
    5. NO BASKETBALL SHORTS (or any other type of shorts) under Khakis
  3. Belts
    1. Black Belt
    2. No designs at all
    3. No embellishments.  No sharp spikes, studs or sparklies of any kind
    4. NO large or interchangeable belt buckles
  4. Shoes 
    1. Plain BLACK gym type shoes. 
    2. No boots, zip-ups,  Heelys, or Sperrys.
    3. Socks must be worn.  Socks will be a plain solid black, white or gray.
  5. Hair styles and Accessories 
    1. No fads, mohawks, no multi-color or color different from your natural hair color
    2. No metal or plastic hair clips or bobbie pins
    3. Elastic bands are allowed but must be in hair, not around wrist.
    4. Stretch hair bands are allowed, but must be black, brown, gray or white ONLY.
  6. Beauty products/piercings 
    1. No nail polish on fingers. No fake nails
    2. No make-up or lipstick/lip gloss
    3. No earrings, nose rings, or piercings of any kind
    4. No grills.
    5. No necklaces, rings, bracelets (except medic alert), watches, No jewelry of any kind
  • In addition to complying with CCISD dress code students placed at the DAEP will: Upon arriving to DAEP the student will be in the proper uniform before entering the Gymnasium.
  • DAEP Staff WILL NOT provide any item on the dress code list.  This is the responsibility of the parent and the student.
  • Students who are out of dress code will be provided the opportunity to correct the issue. If a student fails to do so, the parent will be contacted to correct the issue. Students will not be permitted to attend class out of dress code.  If the issue cannot be corrected the student will be sent home and the day will NOT count toward time served.