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Check-In Procedures

DAEP Check-In and Searches

Gym doors open at 7:30am.

In the interest of promoting student safety and attempting to ensure that schools are safe and drug free, District officials may, from time to time, conduct random searches. Such searches are conducted without a warrant and are permitted by law.

Students will be searched each time they enter the DAEP campus.

  • The search includes a basic pat down, check of shoes and socks, and examination of anything brought to school (i.e. lunches, homework, textbooks, etc.). 
  • A metal detector wand is used daily.
  • DAEP staff has the discretion to confiscate all questionable items.
  • Items that are confiscated will be returned to the student at the end of their DAEP placement. Any subsequent offense of this policy will result in the confiscated item being returned only to the parent/guardian(s). Tobacco products, drugs and paraphernalia, alcohol, weapons, and other illegal items not listed will not be returned to the student or parent/guardian(s) and will be turned over to the police.