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DAEP Academics


Core Academic Coursework

Math, English, Science and Social Studies coursework will be designed, taught and graded by DAEP teachers.  Grades will be sent to each home campus weekly.  Concerns regarding core academic coursework or grades should be addressed to the DAEP staff at 254-547-9164.  Please remember that the DAEP grade will be factored in to the grade received on the home campus.  Therefore the DAEP grade alone may not represent an accurate grade for your student.



Elective Coursework

High School:  Elective coursework will be sent from the student's home campus.  All grading will be completed by the home campus elective teachers.  Concerns regarding elective coursework should be addressed with your student's home campus elective teacher.  It is the responsibility of the student to notify DAEP staff if they are not receiving elective work on a regular basis and to return completed work to the DAEP Coordinator to be sent back to the campus.

Junior High:  Junior high students will not complete elective work while at DAEP, unless it is a course for which high school credit may be awarded.  Junior high students will receive enrichment activities (character development, responsibility, conflict resolution, goal setting and organizational skills etc.) in place of electives.