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Positive Points System

DAEP Positive Points System


Students’ behavior will be tracked daily using point sheets.  The point sheet will be sent home daily to the parent/guardian, and is expected to be signed and returned every day.  If you do not receive a point sheet, we will be more than happy to e-mail you a copy.

  • Each student will be given behavior goals.
  • Each positive behavior will result in 1 point earned.
  • Students who earn 62 points by the end of the last period may participate in morning activity.
  • Students must earn 60 points for the day to earn credit for the day served in DAEP.
  • Failure to earn satisfactory days can/will result in another assignment to DAEP.
  • Any major discipline violations (receiving a referral) will result in the loss of credit for the day and may result in additional days being added to DAEP.
  • Severe discipline infractions will result in immediate removal from campus.